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Más sobre mí

Please take a second to look at Palomita, she is one of our Flickers, that will usually not get a second glance, but she sees us with those beautiful eyes, greets everybody that meets her, like "yes this could be my human, my own person" but sadly not yet, she is still waiting patiently, ever hopeful. All of her friends that she shared a kennel with, have gone to their forever homes, she has new friends now, but wouldn't it be lovely if she could get chosen, and she could be the one saying goodbye.
Palomita is nearly 2 years old, she has been with us since she was about 8 months old, she is approximately 18kilos, She is a sweet gentle girl, she loves people and other dogs, loves to play and swims in the river. She has so much love to give to her new family.

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